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S06E09: Love Languages Are Trash

Are Love Languages Trash? One of the most popular discussions among people in relationships revolves around love languages. While it seems nice to have our relationships tied up in...

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S06E07: The “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” Group: Inappropriate or Indispensable?

“Are We Dating The Same Guy” – Let’s Discuss this Facebook Group The Facebook Group “Are We Dating The Same Guy?” that’s cropped up in every city gives women...

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S06E07: Dating Horror Stories

Dating Horror Stories Episode Summary This week, Sarah and Adam dive into the foul depths of the Internet to bring you some of the darkest and weirdest dating and...

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S06E06: Is Pretty Privilege Real?

Is Pretty Privilege Real or Objectification Episode Summary This week, your hosts discuss the concept of pretty privilege. Is it a real thing, and if pretty people do get...

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S06E05: Was it just a Fight or Are They Toxic?

Recognizing Toxic People Episode Summary Friendships and relationships can be tricky, but one important tool to navigate them is to recognize toxicity and cut it out of your life....

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S06E04: Pair Bonding and Promiscuity

Pair Bonding and Promiscuity Episode Summary Before you listen to this episode, call the DKS Hotline at 407-519-0181 and ask us a question! Done? Great. The new trend in...

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