Episode 19: Can Guys and Girls Just Be Friends?

Guys and Girls Being Friends Episode Summary:

On this episode, Sarah and Adam talk about whether or not guys and girls can be friends, discuss her recent date with the Gentleman, and as always, go off on a few tangents about dating, sex, and relationships in general. This is a special episode, since we have our very first guest! Priscilla, an admin and co-founder of Facebook group Serial Singles, joins us with her own insight and a great story of her own. All we can say is that it includes Hawaii, Alabama, and a mysterious package. You’ll have to listen to hear the rest.

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Episode 19

guys and girls just be friends

All I’m going to say is THANK GOD we invited Priscilla from the Facebook group Serial Singles on for this episode, because I think I needed another female to be on the show so I would have someone to agree with (and gang up on Adam if need be). Every single time a guy and I try to “just be friends” one of us catches feelings at some point of the friendship. That might be over the span of a couple of years or a couple of months. 

Moral of the the story is no. I don’t think guys and girls can just be friends because more often than not, guys will always say yes to sex if presented the opportunity. Case closed in my book. 

I knew this was going to be an interesting episode. Since it aired, there have been some misunderstandings from women I know who have listened to it, and I feel like I should clarify. 

First, can men and women be friends? Yes. However, in my opinion, I think most friendships have an element of sexual tension (if the sexual dynamic is present), and the only way that friendships can survive is if the person holding onto those sexual thoughts dispenses with them. If you are friends with someone and you’re grasping onto a dream of eventually bumping uglies with them, that friendship is doomed. You have to understand that it’s not going to happen, and then you have to move the fuck on.

Most of my friends are women. Does this mean that, if they asked me, would I have sex with them? Of course I would. Christ. Who would say no? But does that mean I’m trying to fuck them? Or holding out hope that someday it will happen? No. Well, maybe for a couple of them. I’m only human, after all.

A big thanks to Priscilla from the Serial Singles Facebook group for joining us, too. It was great having our first guest on air and being able to hear from two different people at once what an idiot I am! 

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