Episode 23: Who’s Out of Your League?

Who's Out of Your League Episode Summary:

Adam and Sarah talk about the concept of being out of someone’s league. Is it a real thing or is it just a BS concept that supports poor self-esteem and low confidence? Listen as the Dating Kinda Sucks duo butt heads, fight it out, and emerge relatively unscathed. Do you agree with their final conclusion? Let us know!

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Episode 23

Who's Out of Your League?

Host Thoughts About The Concept of Leagues When Dating

I’ve always lived with this idea that couples should look a certain way when they are together (as terrible as that may sound). When Adam brought up the idea to talk about leagues and if you could be out of someone’s league for this episode, I automatically knew we were going to disagree the entire time.

Honestly though, it really all boils down to self-esteem and believing in yourself. I really think (especially after this episode) that we need to get out of our own heads and start enjoying the person we are out with instead. 

Also, not really sure why Adam only thinks I’m an 8 when he made the image for this episode. I’m clearly an 8.5! 

As someone whose entire life has included hearing phrases like “Dude, why is she with you?”, “How the hell did you convince her to date you?”, “What’s wrong with her?” and the always lovely “Ma’am, blink twice if you need help”, I am firmly in the camp that there is no such thing as being out of someone’s league. We’re all human beings, and assigning numbers based on the subjective standard of attractiveness reduces us as a species.

Dating (and most of life) is about confidence. It’s about knowing who you are and that you’re good enough. If you ask someone out and that person rejects you, it’s not because they’re out of your league. It’s because there was no chemistry, no physical attraction, they were already with someone, they’re not interested, or any one of a thousand other legitimate reasons. But I promise you this: they were not – not in any fucking way – out of your league.


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