Episode 24: Fetishes and Kinks

Fetishes and Kinks Episode Summary:

This week Adam and Sarah invite Scout, an active listener and a member of the FetLife community on the show. The three talk about the more mainstream side of the fetish world, like voyeurism and exhibitionism, BDSM and foot fetishes, to some of the more obscure ones out there, like looning, oculolinctus, and stigmatophilia. From cuckolds to furries, this episode is your one-stop fetish shop!

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Episode 24

Fetish and Kinks Episode

Host Thoughts on Everything FetLife

I was really nervous about this episode going into it…mostly because I feared I would offend someone by either laughing at a certain fetish or not saying the right thing about the FetLife community. I definitely think it was a fantastic idea to have Scout on this episode to explain everything I didn’t know or understand. 

Outside of foot fetishes and terms like queening (which is my new favorite term), I had to do my fair share of research. I found a great “beginner’s guide” to BDSM words on GQ that I was able to reference a ton while recording this episode. Overall, I learned a lot and will be more cautious about not yucking another person’s yum in the future. 

With the exception of the first few episodes we recorded, this is actually the first episode of Dating Kinda Sucks that I’ve listened to. I know it’s weird that someone as narcissistic as I am wouldn’t like to listen to the sound of his own voice, but it’s true. But then Sarah got mad at me and said “I have to listen to it fourteen fucking times while I edit the episode, so you’d better goddamn listen to it,” so I did.

Even though I don’t have any fetishes of my own beyond the relatively mainstream fetishes of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and “watching your stand-up on YouTube with a girl and calling it a threesome,” I’m pretty comfortable talking about any topic, and the higher the likelihood it will make Sarah squanch, the better. 

It was great having someone like Scout on air with us – she had some great stories, a lot of knowledge, and I felt like we could have talked for three hours and still not have scratched the surface of this fascinating topic. The best takeaway from the episode is, of course, “don’t yuck someone else’s yum,” a philosophy I wholeheartedly support. 

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