Episode 33: Exes and Oh-Nos

Exes and Oh-Nos Episode Summary:

Is it ever okay to date your friend’s ex? Can you be friends with your ex’s friends? Sarah and Adam take this episode to outline the few times when it might be worth risking a best friend’s wrath or the potential destruction of a friendship in the wholesome pursuit of love. Your hosts also launch “Your Profile Kinda Sucks,” a free new service to enhance and improve your dating profile. And, as always, Sarah and Adam tell stories about dating, sex and maybe even a little bit of love.

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 33

Host Thoughts on Exes and Oh-Nos

I literally said it the entire episode…NO, DON’T FREAKING DO IT! Maybe it’s the single girl in me, but friends will always be more important than some guy. Don’t ruin a friendship over a guy, whether you have a crush on the same person or your friend has dated that person and you want to give it a shot. No. The answer is always no in my book. Please give me a scenario where it worked out with no drama and maybe I’ll consider it. 

I’m the idiot who tried to date a friend’s ex and when he got mad, I wasn’t quite sure why. It was pretty ignorant of me, though, and I think I’ve learned a lot since then. I think that the choice to get romantically or sexually involved with the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend of a good friend is a difficult one that you should only make if the potential for happiness is that important. You should consider factors like time of the relationship, how long ago they broke up, and if it was a bad breakup or not. There are a thousand different scenarios where it’s a terrible idea, and maybe one or two where it’s the right one. Don’t fuck up! 

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