Episode 34: Tinder Is Not Your Enemy

Tinder Is Not Your Enemy Episode Summary:

If you’re not experiencing success on dating apps, is it the fault of the app? Or are you not using it correctly? Adam and Sarah discuss the reasons that dating apps and online dating is identical to meeting people in person, and that being quick to judge the online dating scene is just going to do you a disservice. Learn some tips and tricks for making the most out of the online dating apps and listen to Adam rant about something new. 

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 34

Host Thoughts on Tinder Is Not Your Enemy

So Adam talks about how he never knows what I’m going to say for the intro each week, but I never know what kind of image he is going to come up with for each episode…and this one I die looking at. And trust me, he’s made a lot worse and I’ve vetoed a lot of the stuff he comes up with immediately because they are normally superrrr inappropriate.

Anyways….Tinder might not be my favorite of all of the dating apps out there, but I do believe that apps aren’t as bad as most people like to think that they are. Honestly, they are an extension of being out at a bar with your friends and they shouldn’t be that much of a negative thing. 

It annoys me when people blame dating apps for bad experiences. The same shitty people you meet in the real world are the ones you’re running into on dating apps, but if you apply a little reasoning and logic to it, maybe you’ll be able to learn how to recognize red flags online, screen out potential problems, and improve your online dating experience tremendously. But if you’re someone who gives up after a day of being on Tinder, you’re doing it wrong, and I’m totally judging you.

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