Episode 35: Green Flags and Him

Dating Green Flags Episode Summary:

There’s been plenty said about red flags when it comes to dating and relationships, but what about the green flags? What are the signs that something may be going well? Sarah and Adam identify some of the positive indications that a date or relationship may have some potential for a healthy future. From following through on an offer to genuinely laughing at your date’s bad joke, there are plenty of green flags to be on the lookout for.

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 35

Host Thoughts on Green Flags in a Relationship

I was actually pretty pissed off at Adam before sitting down to record this episode. I got a lot of crap from friends who saw Adam’s controversial photo show up on Facebook and Instagram. I’m glad we talked about it on the show, but I honestly hope Adam doesn’t continue posting photos like that on the internet…who does he think he is? Kim Kardashian or something?

Anyways, since we do talk a lot about negatives and things to look out for, this definitely seemed like something we should cover (even though, I’m pretty negative now when it comes to dating). I’m honestly more interested in the things that I do that might be red flags for other people…but there I go being negative again haha. 

We’re so used to being negative about dating, and pointing out all of the flaws and glaring red flags that show up during a date or relationship that it was nice to talk about some of the good things out there. What’s most important, though, is to remember that you can’t ignore the red flags if there are some really good things happening too. You need a hell of a lot of green to overcome some of the unhealthy and toxic red flags out there, but if you keep your eyes open and your optimism healthy, you’ll find them!

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