Episode 36: Revenge of the Exes

Revenge of the Exes Episode Summary:

What’s the worst thing you’ve done to an ex after a breakup? What’s the craziest stuff an ex has done to you? Sarah and Adam break down some of the more insane things each of them has done to an ex after a bad breakup – you’ll never guess which of your two hosts is the craziest! They’re still accepting online dating profiles for Your Profile Kinda Sucks, so don’t miss out!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 36

Host Thoughts on Revenge of the Exes

To be honest, I day drank before recording, so I don’t really remember the whole episode, except for Sarah yelling at me about my beard making too much noise. Sarah did a few crazy things to get back at her exes, but nothing as bad as I expected. This was an odd episode, mostly in the sense that I didn’t have any stories related to the topic to share! It’s so unusual, with the weird range of things that have happened to me throughout my adult life, not to have anything anecdotal to tell.

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