Episode 38: Consent Is Sexy

Consent Episode Summary:

Adam and Sarah welcome Landon Funk, founder of the Funky Feminist movement, blog, and podcast, for a revelatory episode about consent. Is “no means no” an appropriate response to consent or should we focus on “yes means yes” instead? How do you work ongoing consent into a night of sex and fireworks? Your hosts and Landon talk about how easy consent really can be as a concept when you strip away your privilege, put on someone else’s shoes, and have a little empathy.

Looking for the Tea and Consent video talked about in the episode? Here you go!

Thanks to Landon for joining us on a fantastic episode of Dating Kinda Sucks. Find Landon and Funky Feminist online here:

And check out Sarah G’s appearance on episode 3 here!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 38

Host Thoughts on Consent Is Sexy Episode

  1. I’m super happy I just watched that tea video for the first time. I wish they showed that in schools (and definitely in college).
  2. Never assume anything when it comes to sex. 
  3. My dating life is complete mess right now, and although Adam and Landon aren’t fans of Sergeant Slaughter, I still think he’s a nice guy and I want to see where things go before he leaves for 6 months. Sue me. I’m going to live my life and feel something rather than nothing at all. The end. 

There’s nothing tricky about consent – it’s just a case of never assuming and always asking. Once you get into that habit, you’ll find that it becomes second nature. I ask my dates if I can kiss them. I ask them if they like what I’m doing, if I can do something else, if they really want me to keep going, and I make it part of the experience, and you know what? It works really well for both parties. Give it a try sometime! 

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