Season One Finale: 2018 Dating Kinda Sucks Recap

Season One Finale Summary:

Your hosts meet in person for the very first time! After recording 38 episodes separately in Nashville and Orlando, Sarah and Adam wrap up season one of Dating Kinda Sucks with an in-person meet at Ale House in Orlando, of all places. Enjoy this quick episode where the two talk about what we’ve learned this year, some tips for men and women next year, and get drunk at Adam’s favorite date location. Have a happy new year and join us in 2019 for Season Two of Dating Kinda Sucks!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season One Finale

Host Thoughts on Season One Finale

Had a blast recording last night with Adam and meeting him in person. Who knew this weird long distance friendship would actually work when we finally met in person!?!

The strip club wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, and although I didn’t audition, I did get to watch a bunch of creepy guys give the ladies singles and be SUPER weird about it. Will I be back to a strip club? The answer is maybe.

I did see a couple there, and the girl was encouraging him to get a dance and talk to the girls. Not gonna lie, that might be something I do with a guy in the future (but God knows when that would be). 

We finally met! A yearlong friendship and partnership with a podcast that has taken off and proven to be more successful than we ever expected finally resulted in a great in-person meeting. Sarah and I had a lot of fun last night, and after recording the episode, we headed to the strip club. Even though I couldn’t convince her to audition, Sarah still had a good time and did say that she could definitely dance as well as if not better than some of the girls on stage. I say she should put her money where her mouth is!

Can’t wait to see what Season Two of Dating Kinda Sucks brings. I think we’ll be incorporating some more interactive components and live meetups and recordings, so stay tuned! 

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