S02 Ep04: Your Guide to Being DTF or DTDHS (Down To Do Hand Stuff)

The Guide To Being DTF Episode Summary:

Sometimes it’s not about dating. Sometimes you just want to get laid. But what’s the protocol? Do you bring the condoms? Should you have a drink first? How long should you relax in the DTF afterglow? Sarah and Adam explore the world of being DTF, or in Sarah’s case, DTDHS (Down To Do Hand Stuff), and come up with a few tips and tricks to keep in mind!

Want to see the douchebag’s website we talk about during the episode? Just go to bit.ly/DTFdouchebag!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season 2, Episode 4

Host Thoughts on the DTF Guide

I really don’t use Tinder to fuck. I know, I know…that’s what it’s “there for” or whatever. Not saying I’m against it, just not for me. Regardless, I do think it is a hell of a lot easier for women to get d than for a guy to get his wet. 

I also believe (and will continue to preach) that sexual health is hella important and you need to ask prior to anything going down (I know, Mom move over here). If you use Tinder to get laid on the regular, I would love to hear your success or failure stories! 

As someone who’s had a few one night stands, and a few friends with benefits, and a few hookup buddies, etc., in my past, I’ve always approached it with an honesty and openness that my partners have (I think) found refreshing. The douchebag that we talk about, though, gets laid through lies, obfuscation, and pressure. not to mention ignoring a lack of consent! It makes me rethink the hookup culture quite a bit. Don’t become one of his statistics – getting laid isn’t worth it.

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