S02 Ep06: The Friend Zone

Friend Zone Episode Summary:

What is the Friend Zone? Is it a real thing or something that men use to soothe their egos when someone isn’t mutually attracted to them? Sarah and Adam dive into the misogynistic muck of the Friend Zone with some tips for ways to avoid finding yourself stranded all alone at the gas station of love having to use the self-service pump. Plus – when is it too early for a guy to tell you to call him Daddy? Don’t miss this important episode!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Six

Host Thoughts on the Friend Zone

Just because I’m not going to call you Daddy after the second date, doesn’t mean I just want to be friends, and that also doesn’t mean that down the road I’m cool with getting ghosted (do I sound bitter yet?). 

I definitely think that the term friend zone is something that I used a lot in high school and now that I’m an “adult” it’s just called being mature about your feelings and communicating with another human being. Sounds hard? It’s not. 

As I said in the episode, I understand the concept of the friend zone, but not beyond the immaturity of our teenage years. Once we become adults, we need to learn to communicate openly and honestly with each other. Guys, don’t just try to be friends with a girl if you’re just trying to fuck her. Be her friend to be her friend. If you’re romantically interested in her, ask her out. And girls, if you’ve got someone on the hook, let him go.

And if you want to hear the angsty poems I read to my unrequited love when I was 15, enjoy:

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