S02 Ep08: The Fluids Episode: Period Sex, Squirting and More!

The Fluids Episode Summary:

This week, Sarah and Adam splash around in the deep end of sex, diving right in to a sticky discussion of fluids. From period sex to squirting, spitting to swallowing, golden showers to the unshowered, your hosts don’t stop until everyone’s wet. Don’t be squeamish – come get moist and check out this bloody good episode!

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Season Two Episode Eight

Host Thoughts on The Fluids Episode: Period Sex, Squirting and More!

Say it with me, period sex is not a big deal!

Now I wouldn’t be a huge fan if a guy went down on me while on my period (that’s just me), but I do think period sex is just as fun as normal sex…and honestly if the lights are off you can barely tell there’s blood LOL. 

Stop being squeamish when it comes to sex, because if you really think about all of the physical things that happen during intercourse or oral sex, the ick factor turns to 11. Just let your hormones kick in, shower off when you’re done, and enjoy the ride! 

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