S02E13: Friends With Benefits (That Bert and Ernie kind of Love)

FWB Episode Summary:

Does seeing other people who are DTF give you FOMO? Why not try a little FWB? Sarah and Adam discuss the benefits (and the detriments) of being Friends With Benefits. Is it for you? How do you choose that oh-so-lucky pillow-talk pal? What should you watch out for so you don’t catch feelings or even worse, ruin a good friendship? Listen to find out more before you bang your best bud!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Thirteen

Host Thoughts on Friends With Benefits

Although in the past I’ve said guys and girls can’t just be friends, I do believe if you are actually friends with the right person and establish that no matter what it’s just sex and it won’t impact the friendship, then it could potentially work out to be something the two of you can enjoy. 

When it goes well, a FWB situation is amazing. Good sex with someone you truly enjoy being with, but you’re still free to live your life as a single person. Those situations are hard to come by, though, so it’s important to be honest, transparent, and very clear with whomever you’re about to grant the gift of your sexual prowess.

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