S02E16: Is Marriage Really The Ultimate Goal?

Marriage Episode Summary:

Is marriage truly an ultimate goal of yours? Why or why not? Sarah and Adam talk about the “I Dos” and “I Don’ts” of marriage – is it necessary? Does there have to be a step after a serious committed relationship? What are the pros and cons? Why does dating have to lead to marriage – can’t it just lead to two happy people living together until one of them kicks the bucket? Are you an idiot if you rush into marriage like it’s a sprint? Are people who are desperate to get married above all else dooming themselves to failure? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two, Episode Sixteen

Host Thoughts on Cuffing Season

Never been married and can’t say I’m dying to get married anytime soon either. I’ve seen my friends and family go through divorce and I know that most people get into something that committed for all of the wrong reasons. If and when I do ever get married though, Adam will definitely be there to officiate it. 

I’ve been married before. And I think I would do it again, IF it was with the right person and IF I gave it enough time to make sure I was making the right choice. To do otherwise is idiotic and pathetic. I have friends (more like acquaintances) who I see rushing into engagements and marriages like it’s a race, and I’ll just try not to laugh when it fails miserably, because we all know it’s going to.

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