S02E21: First Date Tips: Making A Good First Impression

First Impressions Episode Summary:

After you make that first virtual impression through a dating app (or maybe you’re getting set up by friends), the first impression you make on your first date is so important. Sarah and Adam talk about all of the ways to screw that up, and how to avoid them! Plus, your hosts answer a listener question, talk about their own dating lives, or lack thereof, and Adam rants about people sitting on the same side of the booth . . . yes, again.

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Twenty-One

Host Thoughts on Cuffing Season

My 3 simple ways to make a good first impression:

  1. Show up on time.
  2. Ask compelling questions on the date.
  3. Don’t get shit-faced.

Sure, I’d like for you to put some effort into how you dress for the date and stay off of your phone, but for some reason I feel like people still can’t grasp those two points. 

Just be your genuine self. Make sure you’re dressed in something that doesn’t look shitty, have normal human hygiene – basically pretend like it’s a job interview where you don’t have to wear a suit. But don’t force anything, either. Be yourself, and if he or she likes you, great. If there’s no chemistry, that’s okay too. First impressions are important, but a fake first impression is worse!

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