S02E24: FOMO and F*ckboys: Why You Need To Stop Caring About Your Ex

FOMO and Fuckboys Episode Summary:

This episode, your Dating Kinda Sucks hosts talk about the fear of missing out and how it applies to the world of dating. Do you spend your downtime cyberstalking your ex and bemoaning their latest adventures with the newest person to catch their eye? Are you looking back with regret instead of forward with eager anticipation? Adam and Sarah talk about why you need to let your exes go, stop giving into FOMO, and quit torturing yourself. You deserve the chance to be happy, and focusing on the f*ckboys of the past won’t help.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Twenty-Four

Host Thoughts on FOMO and Fuckboys

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I’m still that person that gets pissed when an ex is in a new relationship. Obviously easier said than done when it comes to blocking them on social media…BUT remember the bad times as much as you already think about the good. Remember how happy you are without having to deal with their BS. There’s nothing wrong with taking time to move on from a past relationship, but there’s no point in letting it destroy you and give you FOMO every time you see their name pop up on Instagram or when you see them in real life.¬†

I have too many friends who get worked up every time they see a shitty ex with a new person. Just be glad you’re not them – switch your FOMO to JOMO – the Joy Of Missing Out! Be happy you escaped from the fuckboy clutches and are free!

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