S02E25: How To Handle Rejection Like An Adult

Rejection Episode Summary:

The ways we handle rejection provide an excellent insight into our strength of character, integrity, and potential for success in society. We’ve all been rejected, but if you’re the type to lash out, be insulting or abusive, or throw a temper tantrum, it’s time to grow up. Your Dating Kinda Sucks hosts Sarah and Adam take this episode to talk about better and healthier ways to deal with rejection as they discuss how so many men are ruining it for the rest of the dating world. Say it with us boys: “Women shouldn’t have to be afraid of telling us no!” Learn how to be an adult when you get rejected, or get angry like that moron in the bagel shop whining about being short. It’s up to you!

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Twenty-Five

Host Thoughts on Handling Rejection

Rejection is a mofo, but it’s important to let your feeling out and cry if you need to. Even if the relationship didn’t last very long, take the time you need to feel better. On dating apps, don’t be a garbage person and be rude. Understand the dating game out there and move on. 

I spent a month crying in the fetal position under my desk after being rejected by the love of my life, so I know something about handling rejection poorly. It’s okay to be hurt, and it’s okay to be emotional, but there are healthy ways to deal with it, and there are terrible ways to deal with it, and chances are you do the terrible shit.

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