S02E27: Do You Want To Die Alone? What Not To Say In Your Dating Profile

Dating App Episode Summary:

Do you want to die alone? Or do you want to create a dating profile that draws in people who find you to be the unique and special partner that you are? On this week’s episode of Dating Kinda Sucks, Sarah and Adam dive into all of the things NOT to do when writing your dating profile. There are so many ways to make your Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, or other dating profile interesting, engaging, and worthy of solid conversation, but there are equally as many ways to make it mundane, basic, and boring AF. Find out how to avoid the dating profile pitfalls that people fall into and how to craft a winning profile that will help you find the perfect match!

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode 27

Host Thoughts on Writing A Good Dating Profile

As much as I love cats, I also don’t want you to die alone because you put stupid stuff on your dating profile and never received any matches. Always, always, always put something in your bio (or as I said in the episode, don’t put nothing). 

Writing something about yourself should be part of the fun that comes with creating a dating profile. If you’re going to be negative or not give any hints as to who you are as a person, maybe you should consider not being on the apps in the first place. 

I’m so annoyed, because there were so many other things I forgot to mention in the episode that shouldn’t go in a dating profile. Don’t say you’re a sapiosexual – that shows that you’re much stupider than you think you are. Don’t say you’re looking for a partner in crime or your other half – that’s lame and codependent. Don’t describe yourself in generic terms that could apply to most of the population. Use specific examples and unique descriptions and you’ll find much better matches!

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