S02E38: Are Your Dealbreakers Hurting Your Love Life?

Dealbreakers Episode Summary:

Do you know the difference between a dealbreaker and a red flag? Are your dealbreakers legitimate or should you reconsider what makes an otherwise good match unpalatable to you? Sarah and Adam revisit this topic from their very first episode and give some insight into which dealbreakers make sense and which don’t when dating. Also in this episode, listen to an excerpt of a Patreon exclusive as Adam interviews Codename Dirty Dancing about how she broke his heart!

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Thirty-Eight

Host Thoughts on Dealbreakers Impacting Your Love Life

When I first entered the dating world, everyone who didn’t have all of the “perfect” qualities I was looking for automatically became a no, because it was a dealbreaker about this and that. I think overtime I’ve lightened up on what I find to be an absolute dealbreaker, like having kids or not having great oral hygiene. I’m happy Adam and I got to revisit this topic, since it was the first topic we ever covered on the show.  

Years ago, I had so many stupid dealbreakers, and now I’m a much more relaxed person. Unless something demonstrates a real dearth of character and detriment in humanity, it’s unlikely to be a dealbreaker for me. If you have a list of dealbreakers longer than 5-6 items, it might be time for you to reconsider that, as well as think about whether or not you’re perfect too.

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