S02E39: From Kittenfishing to Roaching – How Good Is Your Dating Vocabulary?

Dating Terminology Episode Summary:

From kittenfishing to mosting, zombieing to fauxbaeing, the terminology of modern dating is constantly evolving, and it’s not always for the better. What terms should you know? Which ones are so stupid they shouldn’t exist? Sarah and Adam dive into the 2019 dating dictionary and share the best and worst of the bunch. Also in this episode, Adam goes out on a date with a lesbian, your hosts invent some new words that you definitely should start using daily, and they discuss the objectification and fetishization of same-sex love. Listen and enjoy!

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Thirty-Nine

Host Thoughts on The Dating Dictionary

As stupid as terms like Tindstagramming and Roaching are…Adam came up with some pretty good dating terms that definitely need to catch on. (See below.) 

I just want my legacy to be my new words:

Nojobbing – When you go down on a guy and he doesn’t reciprocate.

Window dating – Trying to date the friends of the person you swiped right on.

Big Dick Synergy – Replying to an unsolicited dick pic with a picture of a bigger dick.

Powerwashing – Deleting all photos on social media of you and an ex.

Purse Whipped – When you leave your date holding your purse, shoes and accessories while you go dance with your friends.

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