S02E44: Cheating and your Moral Responsibility

Cheaters and your Moral Responsibility Episode Summary:

Whether you’ve discovered that the awesome guy you’re dating is married or you found your best friend’s significant other on Tinder, we’ve all come across cheating in some capacity (and some of us have even been the cheater too). But what should you do when you have clear and explicit proof that someone is being unfaithful? Sarah and Adam take this episode to explore what to do, whether it’s the right thing, the best thing, or sometimes the easiest thing. It’s not an easy discussion, and you might be surprised what your favorite odd couple has to say about it!
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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Two Episode Forty-Four

Host Thoughts on Cheaters

This isn’t an easy decision to make most times, so all I have to say is…GO WITH YOUR GUT. Normally, my gut tells me to stay out of it and stay in my own lane, but there are exceptions to everything. The more information you have about the situation, the more you may feel responsible to confront the cheater or tell the person that is being cheated on. My advice is, if you’re going to expose someone cheating, confront the person doing the cheating first and then go from there. 

I think we should treat others like we’d want to be treated. Wouldn’t you want to know if you were being cheated on, being put at risk of sexually transmitted diseases, humiliation, and more? Wouldn’t you want someone to tell you so you could have the information needed to decide to stop wasting your time with someone who didn’t have any respect for you? I would.

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