S03E02: The Art of Asking Someone Out

How To Ask Someone Out Episode Summary:

From online to in-person interactions, one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of dating is the act of asking someone out. How soon is too soon to move from Coffee Meets Bagel to coffee with bagels? How do you approach someone in a bar without coming across poorly? Sarah and Adam take this episode to talk about the best practices, acceptable approaches, and multitude of considerations one has to go through before asking someone out, and hopefully make things a little easier in the process!
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Season Three Episode Two

How to ask someone out

Host Thoughts on the Art of Asking Someone Out

There is a lot to consider when asking someone out on a dating app. How long have you been chatting back and forth? What does your schedule look like? Are you being too pushy with your approach?

Overall, my advice is to wait until you’ve had a fun/meaningful conversation on the app. Once you feel like the vibe is good, then ask the other person what their week looks like or a specific date they might be free. Don’t be pushy and don’t be update if they say no. Shoot your shot and give it a chance though! 

It’s important not to jump into going out when you match online – make sure your personalities match and someone’s going to be worth your time before you waste everyone’s time. At the same time, don’t take too long, or you run the risk of fading into the single person ether.  In person, make sure you talk to someone and establish a connection before you ask for a number – doing anything otherwise demonstrates a shallowness that’s going to be unbecoming to everyone.

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