S03E06: Romantic Terrorism – Have You Been Love Bombed?

Love Bombing Season Episode Summary:

If narcissists and abusers had a rule book, rule number one would be “Love bomb.” The act of love bombing flatters, entices, and manipulates, and most of us have fallen victim to it at least once in our lives. But how do you recognize it and how do you avoid the romantic terrorists in the world who bomb the hell out of you and then leave you lying in a crater of pain and neglect? Sarah G. and Adam Avitable give you all the tools you need to dodge those bombs and survive the dating world. 

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Six

What Is Love Bombing and Are You Being Love Bombed?

Host Thoughts on Have You Been Love Bombed?

There are so many signs to love bombing that you might not be familiar with, because at the time of getting to know someone they seem sweet and caring. While it’s good to find someone who is interested in you and thinks you’re special, you should also be aware of the romantic overload. 

If your date is showering you with gifts and affection after only a couple dates, there should be cause for concern. Text messages pushing for future plans and big commitments after a short period of time might seem sweet and thoughtful, but it’s really a rush to make things serious too fast. 

Be aware of love bombers and the constant attention you are getting from someone you recently started dating. If you tell them to slow down a bit and that you need space, will they attack you? If you don’t respond to messages fast enough, will they get upset?

If you answered yes to the two questions above, it’s a sign that this could become toxic really quick and that he or she is love bombing you to death. 

When I’m really into someone, I tend to be intense and overwhelming with my displays of affection and love; however, it was reassuring after doing research to find that the second essential aspect of love bombing is becoming cruel, controlling, manipulative, and emotionally abusive, which I don’t do. Still, it was good for me to think about being a little more reserved in how I approach someone initially since they may be suspicious of my intentions or, more importantly, my follow through.

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