S03E07: Do We Have A Right To Closure?

Closure Episode Summary:

We’ve all had situations, whether romantic or otherwise, that ended and left us hanging. Do we have the right to find out why, or to face the person? When is it healthy to try to wrap everything up with a tidy bow and when does it become an obsession? What exactly does a former partner, friend, or lover owe us when it comes to closure? Listen as Adam Avitable and special guest host Lisa dive into this Moby Dick of a topic. Also in this episode: chlamydia, Adam’s anxiety, positive thinking, and Adam gets stood up.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Seven

Are you supposed to get closure after a break-up?

Host Thoughts on Deserving Closure

Closure is great, but it’s rarely what we think we need. It’s just something to chase to keep us from moving on. You don’t need it, and stop pining after it like it’s going to solve your life. It won’t.

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