S03E08: What’s the Difference Between Chemistry and Compatibility?

Chemistry vs. Compatibility Episode Summary:

Great chemistry is unmistakable, but what’s a little more difficult to figure out is how that’s different from compatibility. Are you and your date just on a sexual chemistry high or do you have the type of long-term compatibility that you need for a serious relationship? Sarah G. and Adam Avitable examine the differences and similarities between good chemistry and good compatibility when it comes to dating. Also in this episode: Sarah tries to figure out what happens past date 3, Adam’s passive-aggressive plan fails, and all you need is that GED (Good Enough Dick)!

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Eight

What's the Difference Between Chemistry and Compatibility?

Host Thoughts on Chemistry and Compatibility

As great as chemistry is, it should not be the foundation for any relationship. Compatibility on the other hand, is something that two people should work on establishing in hopes of having a great relationship down the road. A relationship without chemistry will lead to boredom, but a relationship without compatibility won’t lead to anything serious. You must have the two to function, and you can’t just rely on one to make the relationship great. 

I might actually change my stance that I’ve made clear in the past. Usually after a date, if there’s not chemistry immediately, I’m done. But after looking into compatibility, I’m thinking it might be a good idea to consider other factors beyond pure instant chemistry when thinking about something potentially long-term. We shall see how this pans out!

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