S03E14: Breaking Up During Quarantine

Breaking Up In Quarantine Episode Summary:

Breaking up is hard enough to do when life is moving normally, but how do you do it if you’re isolating at home? Relationships are at a huge risk during the COVID-19 outbreak as every crack and flaw is exacerbated and on display, so how do you get out? Sarah and Adam will give you some tips for recognizing when it’s time to break up, when it’s time to make up, and what you can do to make the most of your situation. Also in this episode: Adam’s depressed, Sarah’s horny, and some of you need to kiss more people in your lives.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three Episode Fourteen

Breaking Up During A Quarantine

Host Thoughts on Breaking Up During COVID-19

Breaking up is never easy, but now is the time to do it if you feel your relationship is over. Don’t ghost your significant other, even though you’re both in quarantine. Instead, break up via a video chat or in person if you’re already living together or quarantining together. 

If you have to do it, allow them to have as much dignity and space as possible. Don’t be cruel during this period, but it’s also important not to let anyone walk all over you either.

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