Should You Unfollow Your Ex? Reasons Why An Ex Would Unfollow You On Social Media

No one ever said dealing with a breakup would be easy, and now thanks to social media, seeing that ex in your social feed may continue to make you feel like crap. Even if you were the one doing the breaking up, you don’t always want to know every little thing that your former significant other is up to!

Not only is it toxic to continuously see that person in your social feed, but it may also lead to post-break-up sex or it will create a type of animosity that will eat you up inside.

The reasons can be a little different depending on who broke up with who, and of course, every situation is different. These are just a few answers as to why someone would unfollow their ex on social media.

This Person Did The Breaking Up

So the relationship is over and you just now noticed that the person who just broke up with you also decided to unfollow you on all social media platforms. Yeah, it sucks. Even if the relationship ended mutually and you aren’t that upset about how it went down, here are some reasons why your ex might have hit that unfollow button.

  1. This person is in a new relationship and their new significant other made them do it.
  2. Your ex is completely over you and doesn’t see the point of following you anymore.
  3. You post a lot on Instagram, Facebook, etc., and since the algorithm has changed, your posts are at the top of his or her feed and this person is starting to find it annoying.
  4. Your ex may need a little bit more space and is unfollowing you for now, but might follow you down the road once some time has passed.
  5. Your former significant other may need a fresh start mentally and emotionally, so unfollowing you at this point will help with the healing process.

This Person Got Broken Up With

It sucks dealing with a breakup, but sometimes unfollowing a person that is the root of your pain will help mend a broken heart back together. Here are some reasons why if you got dumped you might want to unfollow an ex.

  1. You aren’t over your ex and continue to check (read: stalk) this person’s Instagram, Facebook, or whatever social platform they use the most. You know that this is unhealthy and not helping you move on, so unfollowing or blocking may be the best route to go in order to get your life back.
  2. You can’t stand seeing posts from your ex and every time he or she pops up in your feed, you get annoyed and roll your eyes. This is a sign that it’s probably time to unfollow.
  3. You found someone new and have completely moved on from that once toxic relationship. You have decided to cut all ties of communication by either blocking or unfollowing for good.

Whatever reasons you may have for unfollowing an ex, just keep in mind that your mental health is the most important part of all of this. If you find yourself struggling with depression or taking a lot longer than you feel it should take to get over a certain person, do yourself a favor and unfollow temporarily to see how you feel. If you feel better, then keep it that way. Test it out and see what happens. And when in doubt, blame Facebook for literally everything.

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