S03E22: Fleabagging: Why Do We Make Bad Dating Choices?

Fleabagging Episode Summary:

Why do we make such bad choices when we’re dating? Is it a learning experience or just self-flagellation? This week, Sarah and Adam talk about fleabagging, which is a recently coined phrase describing the art of consistently dating people who are quite obviously wrong for you. Also in this episode, Sarah cries in front of her boyfriend for the first time and Adam talks about a high school crush.

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Host Thoughts on Making Bad Dating Choices

According to Adam’s stat about fleabagging, women are likely to choose relationships that they know from the start are bad for them more than men. Speaking from experience, I’ve been caught up in the cycle of dating people who I found attractive and stuck with them knowing that it would end up being a toxic relationship. Fleabagging is more than just recognizing red flags. To solve this problem, it requires ending a behavior that is unhealthy and leads to the same poor outcome. 

Are women more likely to do this than men? And if so, whose fault is it – a society that’s coddled men? It’s an interesting question why we continue to find people who are bad for us, but one thing remains true – stop dating hot people who are toxic. It’s not worth it!

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