S03E23: Destigmatizing Sex Work

Sex Worker Episode Summary:

While Sarah travels around the Badlands of South Dakota by herself (never to be seen again?), Adam interviews Aubrie, a professional full-service sex worker, about her life and the misconceptions people have about her, in an attempt to further remove the stigma surrounding sex work. Also in this episode, Sarah updates us if Master of None slept over, and Adam meets up with The Eccentric a year after they dated. 

Dating Kinda Sucks is a raw, honest, and hilarious podcast that focuses on all aspects of dating, sex, and relationships, promoting a lifestyle of transparency, openness, and healthy communication as a path to happiness. It is created, edited, and produced by Sarah G. and Adam Heath Avitable.

Theme song performed by Crafty McVillain.

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Three, Episode Twenty-Three

Host Thoughts on Destigmatizing Sex Work

Thank you to Aubrie for joining me for an interview! She was great to talk to, and it’s always nice to put a human face to a profession that tends to be dehumanized.

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