S04E09: The Friend Zone Fallacy

Fallacy of the Friend Zone Episode Summary:

The Friend Zone is not real! In this episode, Adam and Sarah break down the fallacy of the friend zone and explain why the very concept is non-existent and men should stop using it as an excuse to exhibit shitty or “nice guy” behavior. Learn how to break free from this toxic behavior and what true friendships actually are, and why women and men generally view friendships differently. Also in this episode: Sarah and Master of None look at the next step in their relationship, Adam goes on a date in his new temporary home, and your favorite podcast hosts are back to normal recording schedules!

Dating Kinda Sucks is a raw, honest, and hilarious podcast that focuses on all aspects of dating, sex, and relationships, promoting a lifestyle of transparency, openness, and healthy communication as a path to happiness. It is created, edited, and produced by Sarah G. and Adam Heath Avitable.

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Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Season Four Episode Nine

Host Thoughts on the Friendzone

Men: If you’re only hanging out with a woman because you want to fuck her and you’re not focused on the friendship the two of you have, you’re wrong. 

Please evaluate your friendships and determine if you are making any transactional. If you are, it might be time to move on and find friends that better serve you as…actual friends. 

Nothing annoys me more than hearing men whine about being “friend zoned” when if they’d just communicated properly in the first place and not thought with their dicks, they wouldn’t be in this place at all. That’s entirely on them.

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