S04E22: From Single To Committed: The Hidden Compromises

Hidden Compromises Episode Summary:

Being single and happy is great, but what happens when someone comes along who enhances your life? Making the decision to commit to someone after being single for a while can seem like a dream come true, but it’s also important to remember all of the hidden downfalls and compromises that have to be made. From a loss of freedom to setting up boundaries, changing communication styles to considering someone else in your life, there are a variety of ways that your life is going to chance, so be prepared! Also in this episode, the hosts talk about genital chafing and wish everyone a happy final episode of 2021!  

Dating Kinda Sucks is a raw, honest, and hilarious podcast that focuses on all aspects of dating, sex, and relationships, promoting a lifestyle of transparency, openness, and healthy communication as a path to happiness. It is created, edited, and produced by Sarah G. and Adam Heath Avitable.

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