S07E07: The Bumble Fumble

Episode Summary: Bumble Fumbles as Bumble's Stock Tumbles

You know full well that this is going to be a great episode of the DKS Podcast! This week, Sarah and Adam discuss the massive marketing fail that is Bumble’s new ad campaign, and how it was instantly clear that no women were involved in its creation or execution. Is it time to ban Bumble? Also this week, Sarah talks about Iguazu Falls in Argentina, the hosts answer an interesting call from the DKS Hotline, and more! You too can call in and ask your question, suggest topics, or just give feedback by calling our DKS Hotline at 407-519-0181 today!

The DKS Podcast is a raw, honest, and hilarious podcast that focuses on all aspects of love, sex, society and culture, promoting a lifestyle of transparency, openness, and healthy communication as a path to happiness. It is created, edited, and produced by Sarah G. and Adam Heath Avitable.

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