About Dating Kinda Sucks

What is Dating Kinda Sucks?

Dating Kinda Sucks is a community of like-minded listeners, a global fanbase of loyal people striving to learn and grow, and at its heart, a celebrated podcast hosted by blogger, world traveler, and romantic-at-heart millennial Sarah G and comedian, author, grizzled cynic, and Generation Xer Adam Heath Avitable.

Every episode, Sarah and Adam tackle a topic relevant to interpersonal relationships, from dating to sex, communication to confidence, repairing damage to running from red flags. The hosts share stories from their own lives with shameless aplomb and talk openly about acceptance, open and honest communication, and living free of judgment.

The podcast launched in 2018 and has since resulted in a thriving online community on Facebook filled with members who ask questions, look for advice, vent their frustrations, and appreciate the safe space created for them.

Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast Hosts

Sarah Grathwohl

Sarah G


I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, but unfortunately, I’ve never experienced that kind of love that leaves me breathless in the morning or inspires me to live my life in ways I never thought were possible.

After my very first Tinder date ended in disaster, I told myself I was never going to date again. I also promised to give up on putting myself in awkward dating situations.

Oh boy, was I mistaken!

A date would be nice, a relationship would be better, but I don’t need either of them and what I have going on right now is amazing! Once I realized that many other women my age were having the same issues, it became clear that I needed to share my bad date stories and throw a little shade at my exes.

I’m on a mission to find “my person” (if that’s even a real thing these days) and to find out if I really do need a man to complete me at the end of the day.




Adam Heath Avitable


I went from being a 21-year old conservative virgin who married the first person he had sex with, to a divorced and perpetually single pansexual omnivore with more stories than one should probably have. 

As the constant advisor and ad-hoc therapist and go-to male translator for all of my female friends, I’ve gotten used to talking openly about dating, relationships, and sex, and it seemed like a podcast was the logical next step.

I don’t know what I want in life – sometimes a relationship is nice, but I’m old and cantankerous and set in my ways, so being single has its perqs. Maybe someday I’ll figure it out.






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