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S07E05: Women Don’t Need Men – The 4B Movement

Episode Summary: The 4B Movement – Women Don’t Need Men. It’s official – women don’t need men. They can buy homes, get bank accounts, and live happy, fully satisfied lives without men getting in the way, and men don’t like it. In this episode, Sarah and Adam talk about the 4B movement, an anti-dating movement…

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S07E04: The Toxic Passport Bros Phenomenon

Episode Summary: The Toxic Passport Bros Phenomenon Why improve yourself and be a better man when you can just take your mid-level paycheck to a foreign country and be toxic there? This week Adam and Sarah tackle the douchiest douchebags of all time – Passport Bros. (Not literally tackling them – we just talk about…

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S07E01: Impress Your Friends or Support Your Partner?

Episode Summary: Impress Your Friends or Support Your Partner? It’s Season Seven of the DKS Podcast, and this is the season of the listener! We want your input, your feedback, and your support by sharing, reviewing, and interacting with us as much as possible! Our success comes from the community and we want to foster…

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