Episode 26: Are You a Micro-Cheater?

Micro-Cheating Episode Summary: In this episode, Adam and Sarah talk about all of the little things that people do in relationships that might have a negative effect on their happiness. There are plenty of minor behaviors that, on their own, seem innocuous, but when combined with dishonesty, lies of omission, or cumulative behavior, become a…

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Episode 17: Is It Okay To Lie In A Relationship?

Lying in a Relationship Episode Summary: Is it okay to keep a dirty little secret? And if so, what secrets are okay to keep from your partner and what should you share to prevent it from fights with your partner down the road? On Episode 17, Sarah and Adam talk about lies you probably shouldn’t…

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Episode 2: Cheating

Episode 2: Sarah G and Adam Avitable talk about the bad dates they’ve been on recently, give dating/sex advice and are open and candid about how they’ve both cheated on their significant others.

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