good sex

S03E26: Have Good Sex, Not Bad Sex

Having Good Sex Episode Summary: Are you having good sex or bad sex? This week, your hosts talk about the importance of good sex, and how to transform a middling sex life into one that tickles the cockles of your heart and strengthens your interpersonal relationships. Also in this episode, Sarah talks about double-fisting, Adam…

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S03E20: Good Credit, Good Sex, and Good Manners

Credit Score and Dating Episode Summary: This week on Dating Kinda Sucks, Adam joins Sarah in Nashville for their very first in-person episode in Tennessee! Your hosts got drunk and sat down in an AirBNB lobby to talk about how much good manners means in dating, how little good credit does, and how much good…

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Episode 32: The One About Orgasms

Orgasm Episode Summary: This week, Sarah and Adam take a trip to O-town, and we’re not talking about Orlando. Everything orgasm-related is on the table, from the different types of female orgasms, the G-spot, prostate orgasms, and more. Maybe you’ll learn something. Maybe you’ll laugh. But you’ll definitely enjoy this sex-filled episode! Dating Kinda Sucks…

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