how to make a good dating profile

Is It Okay to Have a Photo with Someone of the Opposite Gender in your Dating Profile?

Who’s allowed to appear in your dating profile pictures? We had a bit of controversy in our Dating Kinda Sucks Facebook group the other dayyyyy… You see, what had happened was that a member posted some screenshots of his dating profile for critique and review by our members. Overall, the opinions were pretty similar, except…

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S02E27: Do You Want To Die Alone? What Not To Say In Your Dating Profile

Dating App Episode Summary: Do you want to die alone? Or do you want to create a dating profile that draws in people who find you to be the unique and special partner that you are? On this week’s episode of Dating Kinda Sucks, Sarah and Adam dive into all of the things NOT to…

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Episode 6: Creating The Best Dating Profile

On episode 6, Sarah and Adam talk in depth on how to build the best dating profile that will (hopefully) give you more matches! From tips about posting the right kind of photos to what to say in your bio, they talk about what they’ve seen and go over all of the other weird things…

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