one night stand

S02 Ep04: Your Guide to Being DTF or DTDHS (Down To Do Hand Stuff)

The Guide To Being DTF Episode Summary: Sometimes it’s not about dating. Sometimes you just want to get laid. But what’s the protocol? Do you bring the condoms? Should you have a drink first? How long should you relax in the DTF afterglow? Sarah and Adam explore the world of being DTF, or in Sarah’s…

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Episode 22: Is It Time For Waffles?

Waffle House Episode Summary: Sarah and Adam talk about her trip to Vegas, and do we smell Waffle House on the horizon? Plus, the two discuss the difficulties presented by being public and transparent about their lives, and analyze whether it’s worth it to potentially ruin your life by being honest in a public forum….

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Episode 13: How To Manage The Physical Aspect Of A Relationship

Managing the Physical Aspects Episode Summary: Relationships are hard, and they are even harder when sex is involved. Episode 13 of the Dating Kinda Sucks Podcast covers issues one might encounter when it comes to the physical aspect of a relationship. Should you tell your friends about your sex life? Are there dealbreakers when it…

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