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S04E17: Male Privilege: Myth or Reality?

Male Privilege Episode Summary: What is male privilege? Does it exist at all, or is it a fantasy crafted by women who just want men to show some f**kin’ empathy? You can probably guess what direction this episode will take, but you may be surprised! Also in this episode: Sarah plans the next stage of…

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S04E14: Respecting And Setting Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries Episode Summary: Healthy boundaries are the cornerstone to a healthy life, and Adam and Sarah spend this episode talking about how to set boundaries and just as importantly, how to respect the boundaries others have set. Also this week, Adam’s writing a book, Sarah’s signing a lease with her boyfriend, and some poor…

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S04E10: How Relationships Evolve

The Evolution of Relationships Episode Summary: Relationships aren’t easy, especially as they evolve and grow over time, with partners sometimes growing in different directions. This week, your hosts talk about the evolution of your relationship over the long term. Also this week, Sarah prepares for a visit from her boyfriend, and Adam embraces the life…

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