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S05E08: Is Social Media Toxic for Relationships?

Is Social Media Bad Episode Summary: Is social media bad for relationships, or is it only toxic and insecure people who think so? Sarah and Adam talk about the role social media plays in dating and relationships, the benefits and detriments, and what to do if your relationship is negatively affected by social media. Also…

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S03E25: What is the Role of Social Media in Relationships?

Social Media and Relationships Episode Summary: From being Facebook official to simply being Facebook friends, social media has added a modern complication to relationships. When should you add your significant other on FB? Does your boyfriend follow your finsta? Does your f*ckbuddy favorite your tweets? We’ll break down the healthiest way to incorporate social media…

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Should You Unfollow Your Ex? Reasons Why An Ex Would Unfollow You On Social Media

It can be hard to see an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend living and thriving without you on social media. Here are a few reasons why people unfollow their exes.

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