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S07E05: Women Don’t Need Men – The 4B Movement

Episode Summary: The 4B Movement – Women Don’t Need Men. It’s official – women don’t need men. They can buy homes, get bank accounts, and live happy, fully satisfied...

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S07E04: The Toxic Passport Bros Phenomenon

Episode Summary: The Toxic Passport Bros Phenomenon Why improve yourself and be a better man when you can just take your mid-level paycheck to a foreign country and be...

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S07E02: The Cost of Loving

Episode Summary: The Cost of Loving This week, Adam and Sarah discuss the costs and expenses involved in being single, dating, and being in a relationship. What precisely is...

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S07E01: Impress Your Friends or Support Your Partner?

Episode Summary: Impress Your Friends or Support Your Partner? It’s Season Seven of the DKS Podcast, and this is the season of the listener! We want your input, your...

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S06E19: Times When Men Should STFU

Times Men Should Stop Talking Episode Summary Men have been taking center stage and talking for a long time, and as we strive for equality and equity in society,...

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S06E18: Should Your Partner Challenge You?

Should Partners Challenge You? We all know that facing challenges in life makes us more resilient, stronger, more capable, and better at handling whatever life throws at us, but...

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S06E17: How to be Happy for the Holidays

Being Happy for the Holidays summary With the holidays approaching, depression can set in, for any number of reasons. Whether it’s seasonal, situational, or something else, depression is real....

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S06E16: Is the 6-6-6 Rule Truth or Fiction?

The 6-6-6 Rule and Is Your Type Hurting Your Dating? Men love to say that women date by the 6-6-6 rule – they want 6 feet, 6 inches, and...

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S06E15: Do Adults Need Sex Ed?

Adults Desperately Need Sex Education The amount of ignorance that many adult men (and a handful of women) have with regards to sex, sexual intercourse, and women’s bodies shouldn’t...

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S06E14: Did The Pandemic Ruin Dating?

Post-Pandemic Dating Episode Summary We’re a few years out from the big shutdown due to COVID-19, and we’ve moved on from being worried about the pandemic to a new...

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