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S05E27: The Myth of Virginity

Is Virginity A Myth? Episode Summary For centuries, the concept of virginity has been used to subjugate women and shame men, and it’s time to get rid of these...

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S05E26: Are You Groundhogging?

Are You Groundhogging? Episode Summary Groundhogging is the idea that you keep dating the same type over and over again, expecting a different result. It’s important to assess why...

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S05E23: Conversations about Dating with Reality TV Star Chloe Veitch

Chloe Veitch Episode Summary In this week’s Conversation About, Sarah and Adam talk with Chloe Veitch about dating as a reality TV star. In April 2020 Essex-born Chloe became...

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S05E22: The Hunt for Green Flags

The Hunt for Green Flags Episode Summary We all know to look out for red flags, but what are some of the positive attributes that might indicate a potential...

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S05E21: Can Jealousy Be Healthy??

Can Jealousy Be Healthy Episode Summary That green monster jealousy can seep into any relationship, but is there ever a time when we should welcome it with open arms?...

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S05E20: How to be a Better Man

How To Be A Better Man Episode Summary: With Sarah traveling around Guatemala, Adam has taken over the studio, locked himself in and gone on an uninterrupted 75-minute rant....

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S05E19: Coercion and Consent

Coercion and Consent Episode Summary: Too many people enter a relationship thinking that they’re entitled to something they’re not. Send this episode to those people, as Sarah and Adam...

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S05E18: Refreshing Your Dating Profile

Revitalizing your Dating Profile Episode Summary Are you feeling stagnant on the dating apps? It’s probably time to take a break, reassess your situation, and refresh your profile! Sarah...

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S05E17: Signs of a Toxic Relationship

Signs You’re In A Toxic Relationship Episode Summary: Are you in a relationship with a few ups and downs or are you trapped in a toxic relationship that’s only...

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S05E16: Roe v. Wade and Bodily Autonomy

Roe v. Wade and Bodily Autonomy Summary: The rights of American people with uteruses are at risk of being completely lost thanks to disingenuous groups of insidious people who...

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