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S07E07: The Bumble Fumble

Episode Summary: Bumble Fumbles as Bumble’s Stock Tumbles You know full well that this is going to be a great episode of the DKS Podcast! This week, Sarah and...

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S07E06: Men vs. Bear

Episode Summary: Would You Rather Encounter a Man or a Bear in the Woods? Who would you rather encounter in the woods, a man or a bear? This question...

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S07E05: Women Don’t Need Men – The 4B Movement

Episode Summary: The 4B Movement – Women Don’t Need Men. It’s official – women don’t need men. They can buy homes, get bank accounts, and live happy, fully satisfied...

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S07E04: The Toxic Passport Bros Phenomenon

Episode Summary: The Toxic Passport Bros Phenomenon Why improve yourself and be a better man when you can just take your mid-level paycheck to a foreign country and be...

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S07E02: The Cost of Loving

Episode Summary: The Cost of Loving This week, Adam and Sarah discuss the costs and expenses involved in being single, dating, and being in a relationship. What precisely is...

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S07E01: Impress Your Friends or Support Your Partner?

Episode Summary: Impress Your Friends or Support Your Partner? It’s Season Seven of the DKS Podcast, and this is the season of the listener! We want your input, your...

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