Episode 26: Are You a Micro-Cheater?

Micro-Cheating Episode Summary:

In this episode, Adam and Sarah talk about all of the little things that people do in relationships that might have a negative effect on their happiness. There are plenty of minor behaviors that, on their own, seem innocuous, but when combined with dishonesty, lies of omission, or cumulative behavior, become a problem or a sign of a failing relationship.

Are you a micro cheater? Have you done things in your relationship that might not make your partner happy even if they weren’t ‘technically’ inappropriate? Listen and find out!

Dating Kinda Sucks Commentary
Episode 26

Host Thoughts on Micro-Cheating

I am a micro-cheater, or at least now that this “term” is a thing… I think that I am. With my long distance relationship, I enjoyed the ego boost of being flirtatious with other men just for fun. It was harmless and didn’t mean anything, but the second I realized it started upsetting my boyfriend at the time, then I knew it was an issue and I had gone too far. Of course all of these micro-cheating issues vary from relationship to relationship but for the most part you just need to be honest about how you’re feeling and why you’re acting or responding a certain way. 

I walked away from this episode thinking one thing about micro-cheating: It’s mostly bullshit. Just like any thing that happens in a relationship, if you’re doing it without the knowledge of your significant other, and what you’re doing is something that will bother him or her, it’s an issue. It might be an issue with their unhealthy insecurity or jealousy or it might be an issue with you not being mentally faithful, but either way, there are some major factors you should seriously assess.

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