Month: June 2023

S06E11: Respecting Dating App Boundaries

Respecting and Setting Boundaries on Dating Apps Dating apps give you the opportunity to set boundaries with regards to your safety, and when people push or violate those boundaries, it’s a huge red flag. Adam and Sarah talk about when it is and is not okay to find someone in real life or on social…

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S06E10: Tone Policing: Time To Stop Being So Polite To Men

Tone Policing: Time to Stop Being Polite to Men Tone policing is one of the most pervasive examples of male privilege and systemic misogyny in society today. Why are assertive women called bossy and shamed for their tones when assertive men are promoted? Why is society obsessed with being “ladylike” or polite as a way…

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S06E09: Love Languages Are Trash

Are Love Languages Trash? One of the most popular discussions among people in relationships revolves around love languages. While it seems nice to have our relationships tied up in such pretty little bows, the reality is that love languages are trash. The author, a misogynistic homophobic old pastor, created the concept as a way to…

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