Month: January 2020

S03E03: Male Audacity: What Women Don’t Want

The Audacity of Men Episode Summary: In this week’s episode of Dating Kinda Sucks, Sarah and Adam talk about the audacity of men. What is it that drives them to objectify women, mansplain, and violate boundaries on a regular basis, even unintentionally? Are there inherent behaviors and systemic beliefs that encourage and foster this behavior…

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S03E02: The Art of Asking Someone Out

How To Ask Someone Out Episode Summary: From online to in-person interactions, one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of dating is the act of asking someone out. How soon is too soon to move from Coffee Meets Bagel to coffee with bagels? How do you approach someone in a bar without coming across poorly? Sarah…

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S03E01: Dating Resolutions

Dating Resolutions Episode Summary: Your favorite dating podcast is back with season 3! In this episode, Adam and Sarah talk about what happened after the live meetup in December (strip clubs, hookups, and hangovers) and then it’s time to talk about resolutions! Even though you don’t need a new year to make changes in your…

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