Month: September 2021

S04E17: Male Privilege: Myth or Reality?

Male Privilege Episode Summary: What is male privilege? Does it exist at all, or is it a fantasy crafted by women who just want men to show some f**kin’ empathy? You can probably guess what direction this episode will take, but you may be surprised! Also in this episode: Sarah plans the next stage of…

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S04E16: Embracing Sexual Mindfulness

Mindful Sex Episode Summary: Post-pandemic sex has been different, but in what ways? Adam and Sarah talk about sexual mindfulness and how many people are getting pickier when it comes to their sexual partners, focusing more on deep connections and sensual explorations than unfulfilling quickies with men who don’t care about your pleasure. Also in…

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S04E15: Small Talk in Little Rock Bonus Episode

Small Talk in Little Rock Episode It’s a bonus episode! Adam and Sarah meet up on a Friday night in Little Rock and chat about escorts, shoes, and other miscellany. Basically, Adam just roasts Sarah, but she holds her own against the drunk gorilla. This is an episode you’ll want to listen to and then…

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