Month: December 2019

S02E46: Season 2 Live Finale: Dating Apps, Dating When Older and More

Season Two Finale Summary: In this Season Two live finale recorded at An Tobar Irish Pub in Maitland, FL, Sarah and Adam are together again! Joined by a group of Dating Kinda Sucks listeners, the hosts take questions from the audience, talk about their dating lives, and wrap up another successful year of Dating Kinda…

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S02E45: Destigmatizing the Walk of Shame

Walk of Shame Episode Summary: The “walk of shame” is nothing more than a way for men and women to be subjected to a double standard for their sexual exploits. Why should women be shamed and men be praised for getting laid? Adam and Sarah talk about all of the reasons to strike this phrase…

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S02E44: Cheating and your Moral Responsibility

Cheaters and your Moral Responsibility Episode Summary: Whether you’ve discovered that the awesome guy you’re dating is married or you found your best friend’s significant other on Tinder, we’ve all come across cheating in some capacity (and some of us have even been the cheater too). But what should you do when you have clear…

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