Month: March 2022

S05E11: The Hidden Benefits of Dating Apps

Dating App Hidden Benefit Summary: Plenty of people deride dating apps, but the fact is that they’re just a tool, and using them properly can yield plenty of results for lots of different goals. This week, Sarah and Adam talk about all of the hidden benefits of dating apps that you might never have discovered…

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S05E10: Conservations about Dating as a Creative with Actress Elisabeth Donaldson

Conversations with an Actress Episode Summary: In this week’s Conversation About, Adam and Sarah are joined by the dynamic and highly entertaining Elisabeth Donaldson, a multi-talented creative who creates fantastic content about relationships, men, women, dating, and everything in between. You’re going to love this frank and hilarious discussion about the world of acting, being…

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S05E09: Do Men Even Like Women?

Do Straight Men Actually Like Women? Do men actually like women? It’s a question being asked more and more frequently by women facing systemic misogyny and constant harassment and degradation, and after doing plenty of research, we’ve got the answer! Also this week: Sarah spills some Colombia tea, if you know what we mean, and…

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